“I am a curious person,
I've always liked exploring
and learning.”

About me

My professional career started with teaching; I think it is something that came naturally to me and I love being able to relate with different people through learning.

My first classes were Hawaiian dance and then English. After a few years I decided that I had to study something that would help me stand out from the rest; I didn't want to pursue the typical “UIGM” (until I get married), part of my demand and my lack of understanding of the value and beauty that diversity is in terms of choosing careers or lifestyles. This led me to study Industrial Engineering and then Finance, which I practiced for 15 years covering different areas. During this time I worked as a professor at the Anáhuac University in the Engineering and Actuarial science careers.

I am the mother of two wonderfull sons whom have contributed to my self-knowledge and personal growth. I am married for the second time and we have a son in common -with four legs named “Firulais”.

After 15 years of hard work and much soul-searching,I decided to embark on an adventure so in 2008 I opened my own Coaching Company. From one day to the next I quit my job in Ixe and started this project. My search continued and I studied techniques related to Coaching in order to enrich this work I felt so passionate about. This was how I came across Focusing that has become my life philosophy and allowed me to incorporate everything I've learned, and connect with myself and with others from a new space.

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I am a curious person; I've always liked exploring and learning. Focusing and my innate curiosity encouraged me to expand my knowledge of the body through Biodecoding. This practice together with Focusing has helped me complete my own puzzle to gain a better understanding of myself.

I currently teach Focusing and related topics, certification programs and accompaniment for individuals and couples but, above all, I am dedicated to LIVING. Savoring a good meal, a rich conversation and sense of humor.

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