Pain provides the key to cure a physical illness and resolve the emotional imbalance that created it. The name given to this therapeutic approach is Biodecoding; it was developed from the discoveries of the German physician Ryke Geerd Hamer about the origin and meaning of illnesses, and the experience of numerous researchers and practitioners, such as: Claude Sabah, Marc Fréchet, George Groddeck, Anne Schutzenberger, Salomon Sellam.

These and other authors have shown that “illnesses” do not exist as such, but instead are biological survival programs that the brain activates in order to adapt the body to the stress it is under, the fruit of the conflicts that affect all living things.

does it hurt?

Each “symptom” holds the solution

that the body needs

to generate a balance again.

Biodecoding and Focusing


I came across Biodecoding when I fell ill with a thyroid problem at the time I got married again.

My question was:
Why was this happening to my body
if I was supposed to be feeling happy?

After much running around and many doctors, I decided to pause and look at my thyroids.This was how I came across Biodecoding which, from my point of view, had a lot to do with Focusing as they stem from the same principle.

“Our body knows”

In July of 2016 I presented in Cambridge England at the 26th International Conference of Focusing the crossing of these concepts with great interest and participation by the community.

experience it

“My body
is always
working toward
my optimal