Focusing is an internal listening process that allows us to connect with our body wisdom thereby managing to integrate all the aspects of our “being”.

Many people approach me thinking that they will find focus and direction by studying Focusing or coming to Focusing sessions. Although it is true that Focusing gives us focus and direction, it works in the opposite way.

Focusing is a process of inner listening that shares many similarities with “Mindfulness”.

Focusing is paying attention to the felt experience of the body, with what we already know about a situation and the unknown.

By pausing carefully on what in the beginning is quite vague, one can manage to connect with the holistic felt sense of an issue, problem or situation. By interacting with symbols, the experience felt can become more precise, able to move, change, and can achieve a felt change (shift): the experience of actual change or the body resolution of the problem.

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f e e l

The only thing present and that

sustains your LIFE is your body. Listen to it.

For me the Focusing is

to have a "strong emotional arm".

Focusing and Psychotherapy

Eugene Gendlin developed the concept of Focusing by asking the question:
why is that some people get better in psychotherapy and others don’t?

What he discovered was that success or failure was dictated by the way a client expressed their issues.

Focusing is basically the formalization of the process used by “successful” clients in their therapies.hese clients spoke from their internal feeling and not about it. These clients are prepared to remain with the consciousness of their body, even when this is vague and not at all clear, until it crystallizes; they verify whether the symbol that emerges -even if it is just a word, phrase or image- agrees (resonates) with the sensation felt in the body in that specific situation. This skill to focus effectively goes hand in hand with success in psychotherapy. (Gendlin, et al., 1968).

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Applications of Focusing

Focusing is a sub-process that helps all other processes which is supplemented by the different techniques to achieve greater depth. It has been applied to medicine, education, business, writing, creativity, art, spirituality, among others.

Some of the benefits of Focusing
- Self-knowledge
- Decision-making
- Physical and emotional wellbeing
- Stress reduction
- Conflict resolution
- Creativity
- Better interpersonal relations