“What happens in the external world

is a reflection of my internal world.”

Let me accompany you

Over the years I have had the good fortune to accompany many wonderful human beings through their processes:


-Finding a partner
- Family relations
- Divorce
- Loss
- Children
- Fatherhood
- Motherhood


-Vocational guidance
- Starting a project
- Reinventing yourself
- Transition
- Work performance
- Finding your passion


- Stress
- Chronic illnesses
- Panic attacks
- Depression
- Addictions
- Codependency


-Personal development
- Self-knowledge
- Crisis
- Grief
- Changes

I identify with what Eugene Gendlin has to say:

“The essence of working with another person is to be with a living being: from “human being to human being”,so when I sit down with another human being, I take my problems and my feelings, and put them to one side; not too far away in case I need them. I also take the things I've learned; the concepts of Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Human Development, Biodecoding, Engineering, Finance (even though
I'd like there to be more ☺) and I put them closeby on the other side. And afterward
I am simply here, eye to eye with another human being who, if by chance they wished
to look into my eyes, would find another nervous human being, but I've learned
to be that way, and to be ok.

The only thing I need is “TO BE PRESENT”.

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“Nobody has the solution to what you need,

the answer always lies within you.”

Schedule your appointment

Schedule your first appointment
“with yourself”

I am merely your mirror.
This is already a BIG STEP FORWARD.


General conditions of the appointment:

-Attending couples and people individually.
-The duration is 50 minutes.
-It can be in person or via Skype whether in Mexico or abroad.
-When using Skype it is important the session is held somewhere private.
-Out of respect for the work and availability of both parties, cancellations can be made via e-mail 48 hours in advance, otherwise the appointment will be viewed as taken.

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